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Thesis? CHECK!

Trip payments? CHECK!

Lots of hours at work? CHECK!

All in all, things are chugging along alright. I wasn't happy with the exegesis component of my thesis but my goal is a pass and I think I did that.

I leave for Eygpt/Jordan/Morocco/Dubai on the 16th of December and I am so excited! I owe the parents 4grand but it shouldn't take too long to pay them back. I almost have all the spending money so going well. :)

This year I’ve been doing honours in creative writing which means a 12,000word thesis. But I’ve recently come to the conclusion, much to late mind you, seeing as it’s due in October, that I don’t want to do it nor have I really wanted to all year. I don’t care about getting honours. Never have.

To be honest the only reason I did honours at all was because my friends were and because we were told we’d get a placement (employment) at the end of honours, which we don’t. We get an ‘Industry Placement’. I’m at South Adelaide Football Club which I’m enjoying and getting to do different things but unpaid and the chances of it leading anywhere are slim to none. You get things to put in your portfolio and, hopefully, a nice reference (which is good but not what was advertised).


The thing is, bar the truth of the industry placement, I knew this at the end of last year. I knew this when I was applying. I knew this when I started. When first semester ended. When the cut off for deferring/dropping out without cost came and went.

The creative bit is fine. I cranked a first draft out in 2 days. (in separate weeks but two days all the same, for 6,500words total) and could happily polish it up to a good standard or continue writing it, but the 5000word essay that comes with it, I just can’t bring myself to do. It’s not the workload, I could have quite easily handled that if I cared to, but I didn’t.  

So now, I’m behind, lack any and all motivation, don’t really care if I hand something up but don’t want to fail either. I would much rather focus on next year and getting a teaching degree and trying to find a writing job somewhere, anywhere.

I should have deferred or withdrawn at the end of semester one. *sigh*

Just had an almost 2hour staff meeting, a whole ten minutes of which applied to me. *headdesk*

Better have been paid for it.
I think I would get more crossed off my To Do list if I didn't spend so much time writing up my To Do list.


We have an election on August 21st as the Labor Party outsed Kevin RUdd in favour of Julia Gillard as PM, technically allowed but frowned upon, so let the campaigning begin!

The Chaser boys put out these two lovely vides on each candidate. Sums them up well.

 XD Hilarious.

Julia Gillard, Leader of the Labor Party.

Tony Abbot, leader of the Opposition. I despise him just a little bit.

Everyone should head over to the SOuth Adelaide Footy Club website and see the piece I wrote for them about the weekend's game. XD ONly small and unpaid (and my name is spelt wrong :( ) but I wrote it!

Also, I worked out some money issues so my trip is all booked and partially paid for! So exciting. Now I  must pick up more shifts to top up my now very bleak looking bank account.

Today has been a good day, despite the idiot who drove into a stobie pole and ETSA had to cut our power for four hours to fix it.

So I’m going to Egypt, Jordan and Morocco (plus Dubai for 2days) at the end of the year for a month. It’s going to cost about $10,000 which makes my eyes bug. My parents are going to lend me $2-3000, I have about $4000 and I’m working at a resturant.

We need to pay airfares by the end of the month as well as travel insurance which is about $4,500, which would be fine except over $2000 of that my parents owe me. And I need to borrow money from them to pay for about $500 of the fares, plus I need to borrow money for the tours I’m going n in late August (The terms and conditions says early/mid October but the Tour companies via the Travel Agent are saying August and I’m panicking). They can’t get like $5000 in two months, so where does that leave me?


I don’t think the bank would give me loan, I’m probably not working enough to think that I can repay it without incurring massive interest and fines, nor knowing banks would they give it to me at such short notice. Maybe if the parentals co-sign? I don’t even know how that works or how to even think about a loan.


So many fun conversations to have with the parental units over the next few days.


Kevin Rudd(who is currently speeching) has stepped down as PM in the face of a challenge by Deputy PM Julia Gillard. She is out first female Pm since we became a country in 1901. WIll she win the Federal Election and the people's vote? Who knows but until then...


We have a Ranga for a PM!


In smaller, personal news, I start an industry placement with South Adelaide Football Club in the next few weeks which, from my meeting this morning, sounds fantastic. The Marketing Manager seems great. Flexible work hours, flexible with what he wants, open to ideas, willing to give me freedom and responsibility as well as page space which is exciting. I’m hopeful this will be a really fun and useful placement.


I also submitted a small column to my university magazine, Libertine, and the editor ‘loved’ it, so I will have a minimum of one column, maybe two depending on submissions, in the next issue. I’m proud.

I ordered a $75 cake for my 21st Birthday today. I was just meant to be scoping but he got me with his frenchness!!!

Should be nice though. Looked fantastic. White and dark chocolate mousse with dark and white chocolate shards and strawberries in chocolate tuxedos! and toffee. I missed where the toffee was going but TOFFEE. which I learnt cannot go in the fridge because it will absorb the moisture and go soft and yishy. My not so domesticated self did not know that.

Now if only I could get a start on the 5000word proposal due Friday, my to do list would shrink nicely.

It's a comic book store owner's dream: dressing up as Spiderman and chasing down a thief, while The Flash stands watch and two lightsaber-wielding Jedis guard the door.

But for Michael Baulderstone, the owner of the Adelaide Comic Centre, this incredible spectacle was no fantasy.

About 50 comic book fans had turned up at the store on Saturday for a special promotional giveaway organised by Mr Baulderstone, who was dressed in a full Spiderman suit.

But like the friendly neighbourhood hero he was imitating, Mr Baulderstone was careful not to forget that with great power comes great responsibility.

"My spider sense was tingling," he told ninemsn.

He quietly followed one of the guests at the event, who was suspiciously dressed in regular clothing, as he headed towards the back area of the store.

"This gentleman took advantage of a hardcover book worth $160 and put it into his bag."

Before confronting the thief he told two of the guests dressed as Jedi Knights to stand guard at the door.

His business partner Peter Spandrio — who was dressed as The Flash — was also standing watch during the incident.

"I was actually desperate to get the mask off and the gloves as it was restricting my movements," Mr Baulderstone said.

"But in the end it was too late and I had to leave the costume on."

Mr Baulderstone asked to see inside the bag and after a small scuffle the thief returned the expensive X-Men Omnibus book.

Police arrived at the scene later and took statements from all involved.

The special event was organised for International Free Comic day, which is held around the world on the first Saturday of May.

"At first a lot of the people in the store thought it was some kind of pantomime," Mr Baulderstone said.

"It took a while for them to realise we weren't just acting."

A police spokesman told ninemsn they were currently making further inquiries.